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reality series that takes you inside the front door (and occasionally into the bedrooms) of the famed Playboy mansion. Holly: Here's what I'll tell you I like Meredith, she's my favorite. So none of you are vying for Star Jones' spot?Since last year's ménage-à-quatre Insider Q&A was such a pleasure, rested up for an encore with the towheaded triad, in which they tease the episodes ahead, the Season 1 DVD's "unrated extras," and more. Bridget: I don't think I learned a lesson from the show itself, but I learned lessons from people who e-mailed me after the fact. Somebody on the Internet will be like, "Bridget wears Kanga ROOS [shoes], but I also saw her in Champions once." Or, people were reading my diplomas off the wall and e-mailing to say, "I went to the same school as you! Holly: I know Hef has the DVD, but I haven't seen the movie yet. Holly: I don't get around to watching a lot of TV because Hef and I watch so many movies. Bridget: I wouldn't want it if they offered it to me.

[]Bridget Marquardt: I would delete some of my crying scenes. Holly: The producers and the editors like to group us into different characters: Bridget always gets the crying moments, I get the bitchy moments, and Kendra gets the dumb-blonde moments. Everybody likes me for who I am, so I don't need to change anything to make for a better show. 1, promises 50 minutes of "never-before-seen, unrated" footage. Bridget: It also has the pilot [] that was never really aired. [] They have their own rooms with awesome bathrooms and huge-ass closets. Bridget: My sister Anastasia checked my name the other day on My Space, and I had, like, 22 pages. Or did you do it solely because of the catty run-in you had with Hef's ex, Barbi Benton? Bridget: I just got Ti Vo, and I'm in love with it. Bridget: [] I tape Travel Channel shows and all the fun Food Network shows, like about how the pizza was invented, and the best French fries. What's this about you three getting picked on by the ladies of ? That has to be the happiest Ti Vo on earth The last time we spoke, much was made of your hope to snuff the assumption that you're all dumb blondes, or, as one of you put it, "ho's." That said, for Season 2 has there been any pressure to "spice things up"?

Holly: I think we're all more comfortable on camera, so it just naturally happened that things have become more fun and exciting. Bridget: I don't think it's so much the racy aspect that E! There's a little bit of that, but they're interested in us as characters and the fact that we're different.

In 2001, Marquardt moved to Los Angeles, California and did local modeling jobs and small acting roles.


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