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And if you preferred SATC to Friends, find out what stars Kim Cattrall has suggested replace her in the new Sex and the City movie.Friends Reunited allowed its users to get in touch with old acquaintances by searching for people who shared a school, university or workplace.There is plenty of footage of the two of them in the clip, which is mostly due to the real life friendship between Courtney and Jennifer Aniston, 48.Courtney invited Jen to guest star in several episodes of her series Cougar Town, which ran until 2015.Steve Pankhurst said the early social network, which was created to reunite people who went to the same school, university, workplace, sports club and more, is still used by "a handful of members” but it is "no longer used for the purpose it was built for". At its peak, some 23.8 million people were registered with the British social network.Users had to pay an annual subscription fee of £7.50, although this was later dropped.And, unusually for an internet business of the era, it was profitable.But just two years later the wheels had well and truly fallen off the bandwagon.

Monica - the germaphobe made famous by Courtney Cox, 53 - is still best friends with Rachel Green, who has now become a therapist.The footage of Monica and Chandler's surprise reunion was also taken from the show after she asked Matthew Perry, 48, to appear on the programme.Dopey Phoebe Buffay - played by Lisa Kudrow, 54 - has switched busking and making coffee for a new career as a doctor.and their lives have definitely taken unusual paths.


In the clip, which is made from edited bits of movies and TV shows the cast have made since it ended in 2004, the gang can be seen getting reacquainted after years apart.

The number of registered members, which peaked at 23million, was soon in freefall and a business model that relied on subscription fees was looking increasingly outdated in an environment where fast-growing competitors were relying on advertising for their earnings.


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