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In order to access the Hi SET® Student Registration System, a User ID is required.

If you are a Missouri Option teacher, counselor, or administrator and will be registering students to test, please notify [email protected] for authorization.

Then we'll chat again, discussing what we're reading and offering book recommendations. Volunteer doctors and nurses from Health Protection and Education Services will be in the library today conducting free health screenings.

Their senior dating site:e Harmony is known for its scientific approach to matching singles.

If the essay (Question 1) was skipped, the test taker MUST select "REVIEW" to go back and answer it.

If they select "CONTINUE," they will proceed to the end of the test and will not be able to go back.

The Compliance Plan for Missouri Option Programs is open throughout the year.

Please list the contact information of all staff affiliated with the program.CLAIM is the Missouri State Health Insurance Assistance Program.


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