Foxcat dating

Twenty four hours ago he had been subjected to the one of the most intensely painful experiences in his life, which said a lot considering his life on average.

That entailed the sealing of an elemental Raiju spirit, one that was not very happy about being sealed to begin with. Ranma shook his head at the thought as he passed another line of street vendors just opening for the morning.

Her stance indicated she was somewhat skilled, but unless she was hiding something extraordinary, wasn't a credible threat.

She appeared to be attempting to hold a cheery conversation with the bastard, who contrary to Naruto's misgivings, seemed to be participating in a less than engaging manner. Maybe not to a martial artist of his caliber, but every aspect of his body language screamed 'watch out!

- Much to her annoyance, Sylvia is often at first glance mistaken to be a fox; as she has the same features.

(Fur around the muzzle, fluffy tail with the white tip, medium-size ears.) - Her boots were inspired off a mix of Silver the Hedgehog and Amy Rose's boots.

Hair Colour: Dark Gray Hair Style: Has bangs that sweep over to her right eye.


Name: Sylvia the Cat Alias: Foxy, Fox, Foxcat, Silvy (By Alan) Age: 14 Species: Mobian/ Cat Gender: Female Alignment: Good Personality: Outgoing, friendly, smart, polite.

Dog Days mostly takes place in a world that is full of cat girls, dog girls, etc.


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