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Approximately 60 affected females have been described in the medical literature.

Physically, patients tend to exhibit distinctive facial features, such as epicanthal folds, flat nasal bridges, upslanting palpebral fissures, midface hypoplasia, small mouths, cleft or high arched palates, delayed or absent teeth, or enamel defects.

I have tried the following code and have referred the example with title Regex to match a variable in Batch scripting and What is a regular expression for a MAC Address? set MACAddr=012a.23fa.5ffc If [%MACAddr%] EQU [] ( echo MAC Address is not set. ) else ( echo %MACAddr%|findstr /r "^([0-9A-Fa-f][:.-]?


I have been trying to parse a mac with format "xxxx[Delimiter]xxxx[Delimiter]xxxx" where "x" is in [0-9, A-F,a-f] and "[Delimiter]" is in [:,.,-].

This condition occurs only in females, as there are no Y chromosomes present.

Tetrasomy X was first described in 1961, and since then approximately 100 cases have been reported worldwide.

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