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At The League, about one of four matches progresses from cyberspace to the phone or beyond, “so we see our success rate as 25%,” said Bradford, adding that “we lose sight of what happens” after the phone number swap.And if members leave a service, it’s often impossible to know why they lapsed.That disparity leads to men sending a slew of messages that go unanswered and women feeling “overwhelmed with so much attention,” said Dawoon Kang, MBA ’09, cofounder of Coffee Meets Bagel.To attract more women, Coffee Meets Bagel offers female customers a short list of “curated” matches who have previously expressed interest in them.How we find love has changed dramatically over the past 25 years as singles turn to technology to find that special someone, said Weinstein.


Waldorf recalled that during his time at e Harmony, the pool was mostly women, but the male members were more active, so “it actually created a good balance of the number of messages that were going both ways.” He added that “by getting the balance right, it worked for the business and worked for the users.” Like many couples, online dating businesses struggle over money, in particular over choosing how or whether to charge customers for the service.While online dating sites may be socially valuable, they usually don’t offer their founders a financially satisfying exit strategy.



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