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It's made her a very wealthy woman."She's never been on drugs. She always faked drug abuse to climb her way up the rock 'n roll ladder (from punk to pop)- and control other people with them. She sued to get Krist & Dave off the Nirvana $$$$$ list, and won in court. She said on her website at the time that they were just "side musicians".She manipulates her appearance through dieting, to keep her stoner street cred to sell records. She deliberately got pregnant to ensnare & marry Kurt. Frances started smoking at around 14 or so and has a cigarette addiction, is already possibly an alcoholic and might be messing around with drugs already. Courtney lies about everything and you can't believe a word she says.I guess he thought he could change her and make her into a different kind of person. And he probably thought he was making some "street cred" for himself by associating with her.Maybe he found it exciting to be involved with a "punk rock" singer, a screeching, potty-mouthed, painted up, fucked up drug-addicted whore.She said he gave her a thirty thousand dollar ring "when he had forty thousand dollars to his name! In the revealing documentary "Kurt and Courtney" the director of the movie talks briefly with Courtney's father." In the liner notes to one of her wretched CDs, she gushed about him and declared him to be the great love of her her life (not Kurt Cobain) and thanked him "for letting me love you." She said he was "more of a father to Frances than Kurt ever was! He asked her father if he'd spoken to Courtney recently; her father said no, but her mother had.Both men claim never to have even had sex with her (I believe them).

She backed off and said it was all a mistake, she was just joking. She's an extremely charming, clever, manipulative sociopath who goes after what she wants and gets it. She is most definitely a drug addict and still is to this day.

Salma Hayek was born on September 2, 1966, in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, México.



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    If you show up to the date dressed worse than if it was your sister’s wedding, she is going to take it as a personal offence.

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    — chose to meet at Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club, a monument that pays homage to the ultimate in WASP atmosphere and taste (there’s actually a bar on property named Martha’s Vineyard) should have been a warning sign that the Florida Democratic Party is as unsure as ever about its place in the political world.

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    The moral to the story is, their products are about as quality as their support.

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    3D Seabed Model Navi-Fisher 3000 incorporates a realistic 3D seabed model based on the original electronic chart data and, optionally, on the user's additional information.

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    Mentioning cats is fine, but mention “my cats” and you’re a weirdo.

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