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It’s been a wonderful life so far and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for us. ❤😉A post shared by Barbara Brooks (@barbaradbrooks) on Caption: Kix Brooks celebrated his 36th wedding anniversary with his wife, Barbara Brooks.The couple has been married for more than 36 years and is completely into each other.


His wife, Barbara who was originally from Boston had moved to Maine and had a fabric store there.Formed in 1991 by Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks, the duo owned the country songs chart throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.They also owned their categories in the CMA Awards, ACM Awards, and Grammy Awards.With 50 radio singles and plenty of strong deep cuts, it's pretty tricky to make a list of the best.

Some songs that didn't make the cut include "Red Dirt Road," "How Long Gone," "Rock My World Little Country Girl," "Little Miss Honky Tonk," "The Long Goodbye," "Building Bridges," "White Line Casanova," "Cowboy Town" and plenty more.This one is a little bittersweet because it's one of the last hits from the band before they went on hiatus.


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