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This data can be extracted by geotag reading apps and your precise location can then potentially be found.Most dating sites should, and probably do, strip this data from the pics you upload, but it’s best to remove the geotags yourself, prior to uploading your pic to a dating site.In 2009, Ozh noticed Word Press expert Lester Chan had shared his articles on Twitter using a short four-letter URL.The URL started with Lester’s initials, so it was memorable but also didn’t take up many characters.French coder and self-proclaimed geek Ozh Richard pursued many passion projects in his life before founding YOURLS, a one-of-a-kind URL shortening service.Whether he’s racking up wins in Quake video game competitions or creating in-depth Word Press tutorials, Ozh gives his all to mentor newcomers and strengthen the online community.

“Lester had written a quick hack for his own purposes,” Ozh said, “but I wanted to make something available and customizable to anyone who would find this fun too, and so it began.” Today, YOURLS has created shortened links for thousands of individuals and businesses around the world.

A geotag is basically the GPS coordinates of where the picture was taken.


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