Dating nanjing girls

Are you a foreigner who wants to meet Asian women in China?

If your answer is YES, then I guess Shanghai city would be the just perfect travel destination for you to appreciate your China love.

I’d emphasize that the pedestrianized Nanjing Road East is a must visit attraction in Shanghai city.

The whole street is around 1.2km, and a 15 minutes of slow walking would be good enough to complete a one way Nanjing Lu trip.

If you’d like visiting the night markets and eating out, then I’d recommend you to visit Nanjing Lu, Duolun Road (多伦路, Duōlún Lù), Yuyuan Garden (豫園, Yù Yuán) night market, etc.

In fact, Shanghai’s Nanjing Lu is divided into two parts Nanjing Road East and Nanjing Road West.

She wanted me to take her for dinner, and I said I wasn’t hungry. Since we couldn’t reach a consensus about dinner, we said bye to each-other.


I wasn’t looking for any massage or s**, I didn’t spend any money.

🙂 All the time she kept flashing postcard size photos saying, “China ladies, China ladies”.

I went to Nanjing Lu again on next evening, but a bit slightly late. 🙂 But I was again approached by quite a few of the massage and s** service brokers.

The night market is located in the Nanjing Road East.

Although you can do shopping in the Nanjing Road West as well, it could be completely skipped if you are running out of time in Shanghai.

But it was just around 6pm, and I had not visited the area completely.


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    Hi I in fact had a wonderful time in Boracay as well because of you....

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