Dating language barrier


On the off chance, that you meet a Ukrainian woman from a rural family that has raised her to only speak Ukrainian or Russian, today’s technology will come in very handy.

Just learn the basic greetings, such as “,” meaning hello on the phone.

There are translation apps that can be downloaded onto a hand-held device, as well as electronic dictionaries.

No, you will not appear as a geek, Ukrainian women are pleased that you are trying to communicate with them and they in turn, will teach you their language.

I am proud to say that most women in Ukraine are very intelligent, with many having completed college and have graduated from top universities, especially in the larger cities.When a Ukrainian woman likes you, you will not have to wait to find out, she will show you by her reaching to hold your hand or your arm.Intimacy to the women of Ukraine, is a smile, gentle conversation which includes accolades, while making her feel secure in your presence. There is no doubt that intimacy in an intercultural relationship is pretty possible and even extremely probable if there is genuine and serious attraction there.


But if you wish to build a healthy and happy relationship, you should learn how to deal with language barriers and communicate effectively in your cross-cultural relationship.

This type of relationship is based on the cultural background of Ukrainian women, which is built around their faith and their belief in forming a family unit.


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