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The race ended at the man’s home with the mother standing with hands before us wondering what exactly we were up to.

That’s the day we both realised the man was more than ten years younger than us after the mother started yelling out his age in between quarrels. From then on, I taught myself how to gauge these humans.

While "chill" was all the rage in the late aughts, women continue to speak out against the oppressive concept. Do you reveal you think lizard people rule the world, or do you wait for your first date to let that one slip? Figuring out when to first kiss and do the sex thing. He seemed so perfect on Bumble, but when you see him on Ok Cupid and realize you're only a 30 percent match, what do you do? Occasionally you end up going out with a really shitty coward who would rather pretend you don't exist instead of just dumping you. If the person you consistently go out with and bang three times a week insists you're "seeing each other" rather than "dating," you know what this feels like.

"Chill" exists to tell everyone, specifically women, that expressing your feelings and desires is unattractive. Do you go for it on the first date like the empowered sex-positive feminist icon you are? Even if you're the most social of butterflies, meeting people isn't easy. Nevertheless, the fear of being ghosted is real as hell and has us all quaking in our boots.

These are the same men who will go mute on you because you uploaded a beautiful photo of yourself on your social media.

They would accuse you of wanting to attract someone else’s attention other than theirs. If your attention is always hidden somewhere under your carpet, I might as well look for the attention that’s out there waiting to be grabbed and work with it. That attention is right there inside the 20-year-olds bodies with voices of 40-year-olds.

Thank god for the screenshot, so your friends can help interpret WTF he means. Pretending to act "chill." The championing of "chill" — i.e.

That one is from the research centre and is out to make you a statistic.

Now that’s where the real drama begins, that’s exactly where hell breaks loose and Lucifer himself catwalks down the runway flagging our names to all and sundry. I was once caught up in some drama between a friend of mine and her ‘younger-than-her’ man that got me running along the railway line at dusk thinking we were under attack after the two suddenly started chasing each other.

We were all enjoying an evening walk and I was walking ahead of them when suddenly (apparently after a misunderstanding) the man cruised past me with my friend in hot pursuit.

And really, it's completely unfair that you'll never experience the joy of dating you: your hilarious late-night texts, the quirky way you prefer Hulu to Netflix, your gentle kisses and slightly less gentle hand jobs. Will he think you're stalking him if you like too many of his tweets?

If you comment on each other's things all the time, will people think it's obnoxious? Realizing your new man has the worst social media presence. It’s even worse because men in their 40s who are supposed to approach women in their 30s seem to have been sleeping heavily in class, leaving a huge gap which these young men are more than willing to fill – but not without pure drama!


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