Dating different schools

Services for black schools (and any black institution) routinely received far less financial support than white schools.In addition, the South was extremely poor for years in the aftermath of the war and dependent on an agricultural economy despite falling cotton prices.After the white Democrats regained power in southern states in the 1870s, during the next two decades they imposed legal Jim Crow laws.They disfranchised most blacks and many poor whites by various voter registration and electoral requirements.Slaves had been prohibited from being educated, and there was generally no public school system for white children, either.The planter elite paid for private education for its own children.

Citizenship schools helped Black Southerners push for the right to vote, as well as create activists and leaders for the Civil Rights Movement, using a curriculum that instilled self-pride, cultural-pride, literacy, and a sense of one's citizenship rights.In the United States white opposition to African-American success resulted in only the most rudimentary schools for African Americans, as proven by Gebhart v. It often took decades after the South established public schools for systems to offer education at the high school level.


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