Dating devotion youth

Everyday we see the word "love," one of the most abused words in the dictionary.



As a teenager, you face some tough stuff – suicide, rape, sex, ​trouble with friends, drugs, and more. It takes on the things that matter and helps you make the tough decisions.​​​ Written by your peers, this book puts a new spin on “quiet time with God.” You will see new insights into your daily life.When you feel like you need a little blessing, this book allows you to see God in your daily life.Through this devotion, you find His mercy, His love, His holiness, and more.You might be faced with a decision on where to go to school, who to date, or which sport to play this year.

All of these decisions have consequences and you wish that someone would just tell you what to do.You may be a Christian, but you still have to deal with the world around you.


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