Dating after double mastectomy


I think your story would be very different had your husband not died.In fact, I think that yours is a story of two major losses happening close together.I don't want the blatant disrespect Jared showed to be normalised."Ultimately, I want women to feel empowered enough to stand up for themselves when someone makes them feel uncomfortable or is outright disrespectful." Krista underwent 16 rounds of chemotherapy, 13 rounds of radiotherapy and a double mastectomy nine days before her 26th birthday in September 2018 throughout her battle.Krista added: "To be diagnosed with cancer was really.When I was first diagnosed, one of my first thoughts was losing my hair and my breasts.They don't define me at all, and I wish people would realise that too.They're so insignificant in the bigger picture.

Just two days after matching with ' Jared', the thoughtless man messaged out of the blue to ask cancer survivor Krista if she had 'big t***'.I don't want his mum to be treated like that, his sister or his future daughter.


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