Dating heart lonely

Angel, clearly at a loss, guesses the little angel drawn on them is a butterfly, while Doyle, trying futilely to impress Cordelia, guesses the graphic depicts a night-hunting owl.

Just as Cordelia whacks him on the arm in mock disgust, Doyle is seized by a vision of a night club, accompanied by an impending sense of calamity.

After briefly talking with the bartender, Angel makes no progress with people near the bar until a woman named Kate asks if he's all right.

Intrigued by this apparent reflection of his intentions, Angel awkwardly strikes up a conversation with Kate, who also seems inept at the social scene.

The next morning, after spending the night with Kevin, Sharon calmly gets dressed, unperturbed by the bloody sheets and Kevin's dead body on the bed.

Cordelia immediately begins to pass around Angel's business cards, until Doyle stops her, cautioning her to stay "under the radar", since some people might label Angel the "v-word".


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    Beginning in 2011, the men's and women's Rogers Cup tournaments were held during the same week, doing away with the later tournament which was said to be too close to the US Open.

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    Han Hyo-Joo's commercial break-out role came with her performance in the popular 2009 SBS drama series “Brilliant Legacy,” alongside actor/singer Lee Seung-Ki.

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    The pair said sorry for their actions when pictures of their snog made front page news.

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