Datagrid not updating after databind silverlight


Now, when I tried to initiate the ajax request on the server side, it does not work.

When I use the below code, I get a null exception ( makes a difference?

I can debug the code and see that the server side code does fireup and the grid rebinds successfully. It's the grid on the screen that does not show the updated data.

On the main page, I have the AJAX manager as below. But I am not sure how the links you provided are related to what I am trying to accomplish. When I debug the code, I can see it stepping through the ajax request and rebinding the grind which then has the updated data.

It always serves the data binding between View and Model.

That means View Mode acts as a Data Binder or Converter to communicate the information between View to Model through public properties and Delegate commands.

Double clicking the grid opens up a radwindow that lets the users edit the grid row data. To me it looks like the client side is missing something.


We will examine it in detail and will advice you further.Keep in mind that not all methods accept all source types.


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