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The best way to guarantee that viewers see the most up-to-date information is to force Excel to update pivot tables when you open the file, as follows: Depending on how critical data is or if the pivot table is part of a dashboard, you might need to refresh often, which is annoying.

Excel can update the pivot table at intervals to ensure viewers get the current data.

Note also that if you're creating a symbol, the name should not conflict with existing instrument symbols.

A unique value that acts as an accumulator, or counter, for purposes of insuring tick integrity during DDE link updating.

These columns of calculations could return variances, growth rates, running totals, year-to-date balances, detailed statistics, and so on. After a lot of coding, Ron probably could set up Excel to do exactly what he wants.

Unfortunately, there are at least two problems with this approach. Second, this "solution" probably would require a lot of maintenance, because each time he needed to change his report he probably would need to change his code.

He also must change the formulas to adjust to the new data.

He asked how to automate the process of moving and updating his formulas. For example, many people enter columns of data each day or month, and then summarize it weekly or monthly in adjacent columns.


First, click inside any pivot table to access the contextual Analyze tab.

Manual updating is performed by clicking the Update icon in the Microsoft Excel tool bar. Note: The Aspen Tick macro will not work unless QMASTER. Further note that these changes affect Microsoft Excel, not Aspen Systems.


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    For these type of calculations, check out SQL Server T-SQL Aggregate Functions.

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