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Mavis recommends her husband Derek (Peter Baldwin) for his job, and Derek does his best to sell himself to Ted - only to be rejected when Ted tells him his nephew is already lined up to replace him.

Meanwhile, Rita catches Ted's attention and he returns again to see her. In March, Ted reveals his plan to move to Florida and live there, and to her astonishment, Ted asks Rita to join him as his wife.

Jeff is the father of Lisa Duckworth (Caroline Milmoe) and grandfather of Tommy Duckworth (Chris Fountain).

In his will, Jeff leaves Tommy £12,000 which he is conned out of by his father Terry (Nigel Pivaro).

Initially she turns him down, but later changes her mind and they head out to Florida in search of a new home.

When they return however, Ted reveals that the reason he is retiring is because he is terminally ill with a brain tumour.

She was brought up by her grandparents, thinking she was their own child; however, she discovered the truth about her parentage at the age of fourteen.

She became mentally unstable and became obsessed with Michael Mc Guire and she made up a story that he had gotten her pregnant.

Rita and Ted marry weeks later, and by July, Ted is getting weaker as his condition deteriorates.He asked her if she would babysit his three children; Nicky (Warren Jackson), Sarah-Louise (Lynsey King), and David (Thomas Ormson) that night so he and Gail can go out.She agreed and over time, Carmel proved to be good with the children and she became the Platts' babysitter regularly.The character's condition was later identified as erotomania.

Carmel was born in 1968 to a fifteen-year-old mother.But Terry only intends to use the wedding as a plot to escape, and he flees the church after the ceremony leaving Lisa shocked and still holding her bouquet.


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