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Since 1999, Christian has been the Christian dating site of choice for millions of Christian singles from across the globe.

From young singles to those divorced and widowed (yes, even seniors), Christians have trusted Christian in helping them meet others who share their faith and values.

For more on the search options available, please read about Christian matchmaking on the Cafe.

As a Christian dating site we believe that marriage is a sacred covenant between man and woman, ordained by God as part of His divine plan for each of us. God says in Genesis : "It isn't good for man to be alone; I will make a companion for him, a helper suited to his needs." God himself brings people together according to his timetable.

Little did she know she would soon meet an amazing Christian Canadian guy across the Atlantic!

Long story short, after emailing for what seemed like an eternity, ahem, only 3 months, Matt finally declared his love for her.


For more, please read our free Christian dating FAQ.

I prayed that and had complete faith that in God's timing this would happen.


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    Features : Nowadays, social networking prevents us from feeling lonely at any time.

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    And you can use our i Phone, Android, and Facebook dating apps to meet Transsexual singles on the go!

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    Continue cycling through matches until meeting someone to have an erotic conversation with!

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