Charles earl of spencer dating

In fact, his personality seems to closely resemble Diana's -- moving swiftly between warm affection and aloofness, though without her sense of humour and easy empathy -- and he is undeniably more thrilled with chase and conquest than consistency.

His relationships follow a set pattern of furious courtship, studded with extravagant romantic gestures, followed by a fairly rapid cooling off and boredom. Although undeniably a bad husband, Charles Spencer is clearly a romantic.

But we, like you, recognise the need for them to experience as many different aspects of life as possible ...

" It was a gauntlet throw down across Diana's grave to her estranged husband's family; one that well caught the mood of the country in that moment, spontaneously applauded by the tens of thousands of people keeping vigil outside Westminster, as well as the millions watching around the world.

The first divorce, from South African model Victoria Lockwood, mother of four of his children, to whom he proposed after just 10 days together, happened within weeks of Diana's death, in Cape Town, where the couple were living.

He apparently told her he wanted out while leaning back, relaxing, in the bath, and she claims that he slept with a dozen women while she was in a rehab clinic, battling alcoholism and eating disorders.

The boy whose arrival into the world -- his parents' youngest child and only- surviving son -- was a cause for joy and celebration marked by a grand fireworks display, had grown into a man with an extreme sense of his own droit de seigneur; whose exploits, even by the lax standards of the upper classes, were becoming notorious.


The royal family have weathered the storm sparked by Diana's death, the princes have grown into easy-going, impressive young men -- without much obvious input from their uncle -- and William is now the image of his father.

That relationship looked like a close and supportive match, in which the couple together tackled the job of bringing the family estate Althorp -- inherited by Charles when he became ninth Earl at the age of 28 -- into the modern age.


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