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You have two options in /usr/src/asterisk-addons: 1.Either add CFLAGS =-DMYSQL_LOGUNIQUEID to the Makefile.fetch max number of concurrent phone calls from call_log and this seems to take forever and the results are not what I expected either.I cant even rewrite them because the base was not what I expected so I wouldnt even know where to start.I feel something from the SQL query which s not getting supported in SSRS. Contract Call Log OID = 57131879 --> TEST CASE ' set @code = replace(@code, '@start', '''' convert(varchar, convert(date, @start, 101)) '''') set @code = replace(@code, '@end', '''' convert(varchar, convert(date, dateadd(day, 1, @end), 101)) '''') set @code = concat('insert into ', @Table Name, ' select * from openquery (', @Sever Name, ', ''' , replace(@code, '''', '''''') , ''')') print @code exec(@code) -- select * from #Call Log where Contract Call Log OID = 57707501 -- some call log have multiple process queues, delete the process queues that don't is not modifying the geo units delete a from #Call Log as a inner join #Call Log as b on a.


Contract Status Identifier as Contract Status, ccl.

You will most probably also want to index the uniqueid field in your cdr table to improve performance.

You will also have to add a `uniqueid` column in your mysql database after the `accountcode` column: ALTER TABLE `bit_cdr` ADD `uniqueid` VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL default ” after `accountcode`; What would I need all this for?

Then edit your to load cdr_addon_and finally restart asterisk; before the restart you should, however, check that your cdr table has been created correctly and is accessible to the username and password you specified.

This is the database definition you use to install in Mysql to support billing.But when I use this query in ssrs(Visual studio 2015) it is giving me error saying define query parameters. XMLString).value(''(/GEOUnit/Green Power Units/Green Power Units Old)\[1\]'',''int'') as Call Log Old Green Unit, convert(xml, que. Contract Call Log Process Queue as que (nolock) on ccl.


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