Block rosetta stone from updating

There is a file for download containing the HOSTS file, a batch file for easy installation, and a readme file with instructions for installation in the different versions of Windows.Beware that there are special instructions for different versions of Windows. The Windows HOSTS file allows you to block some of this content very easily and for free.However, this is not a complete internet security solution.The program file will have a ".exe" extension on it.Select the file and click "Open." A lover of technology in all forms, Matt Skaggs began writing professionally in 2010, specializing in Windows computers and Android devices.


If you can't find the program in the list anywhere, you must add it manually and then ensure there is no check mark beside the program.If you associate this domain name with the IP address of your local computer,, whenever the browser tries to load that image from that website, the image will not be found because DNS will be redirecting that URL to your local PC, which obviously isn’t storing that image.


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