Bind9 not updating zone

This statement saves bandwidth at the expense of increased CPU and memory consumption.Sets a maximum size in bytes (may take the case insensitive k or m shortforms) for each journal file.If a global notify statement is 'no' this statement may be used to override it for a specific zone and, conversely, if the global options contain a also-notify list, setting notify 'no' in the zone will override the global option.This statement may be used in normal zone, view or a global options clause.allow-update-forwarding defines a match list, for instance, IP address(es) that are allowed to submit dynamic updates to a 'slave' sever for onward transmission to a 'master'.This statement may be used in zone, view or an options clause.This statement may be used in a zone, view or global options clause. IP address(es) that are allowed to transfer (copy) the zone information from the server (master or slave for the zone).


The default in BIND 9 is to disallow updates from all hosts, that is, DDNS is disabled by default.

While this statement would normally be used in a zone of type 'master' there is nothing to prevent its use in a 'slave' zone - in which case the NOTIFY would be triggered following a zone transfer to the slave. Defines an alternative local IP address to be used for inbound zone transfers by the server if that defined by transfer-source (transfer-source-v6) fails and use-alt-transfer-source is enabled.

This address must appear in the remote end's allow-transfer statement for the zone being transferred.

This statement may be used in a zone, view or global options clause.

Defines how the server calculates incremental zone changes.This statement is mutually exclusive with update-policy and applies to master zones only.


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