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The information below has been gleaned from books and discussions held by the BCN, any mistake, correction or additional information will be gratefully received.

Collectors call the two versions the VZ23 Long and VZ23 short respectively.

This further complicates the identification of users etc.

As it may be that Czech blades will turn up that were used by countries that were not supplied with Czech weapons officially.

This is required when it is necessary to protect the signals or data conducted by the connector, as well as to protect external devices, from disturbance due to electromagnetic effects.

On this page I have outlined the various VZ24 and VZ33 pattern bayonets available to the collector and have used my own collection and photographs from other collectors to illustrate the variations.

Czech issued blades are typically marked with a stamp consisting of "letter number LION STAMP number number", details of Czech markings are on a separate page to allow adequate cover without making this page too large.


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