Batch updating

Each Leve1, 2 and 3 listview builder has a tab called "Batch Update Buttons".Once the buttons are created, they will show next to the general Batch Update button alongside the other action buttons.In the Data Access Layer we wrap the multiple Update operations within a transaction to ensure that all updates succeed or all updates are rolled back.In the preceding tutorial we saw how to extend the Data Access Layer to add support for database transactions.Rather than needing to go into each individual record to update the information, Batch Updates takes care of multiple records from a single list view.The Batch Update feature allows multiple records to be updated all at once, whether against records within the Universal Tracking Application or against company / user records.

In the User Interface Layer we build a Grid View where each row is editable.

For example like below SQL, you must specify version number in WHERE clauses and increment version number by 1 in SET clauses.


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