Annals of internet dating

Last week I discussed choosing appropriate sites and the all-important profile pictures.If you are playing along at home, you have already researched and picked out a site or two and gathered up several charming pictures of yourself. The next step is filling out the profile information.



I love my son and I'm proud of him." It backfired on Burns. Most of Montana is a sort of "don't ask, don't tell" kind of place with very little religious influence.

And yes -- Montana is an amazingly beautiful and wild place. (Will the California city boy and the Montana wilderness advocate fall in love, move back to the Big Sky together, spend their days roaming the wild backcountry, eat wild elk and trout, share a passionate and adventurous life together and live happily ever after?

For those of you just tuning in, this is part two in a series about how to date on the World Wide Web.

If you go solely by the percentage of total population, Missoula may be almost as gay as the Bay (minus the fun decadence of, say, the Folsom Street Fair). I served two terms as President of the Montana Wildlife Federation and was actively involved in politics and known in certain circles throughout the state for my activism and writing.

There were people who didn't care for me because I am a wolf-loving, tree-hugging environmentalist. In fact, when I first came out of the closet and had an essay widely published (and also did an NPR commentary on) called "Brokeback Mountain: Best Elk Hunting Movie?

Fortunately, they're wrong; Montanans overwhelmingly reject such views.


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