Amber marshall and graham wardle dating in real life

If you can't agree on where you're headed and why you're going there, you won't be in coherence with other.CBC Life: Can you say in one sentence what your shared vision is?" CBC Life: Do you think that your on-screen relationship has affected your offscreen working relationship, or are the two totally separate? When you're working on a personal level all the time, and your characters mesh with each other, you pick up on those traits.And I think that the fact that we've been in a relationship on the show for twelve years has brought us closer together off-screen. Sometimes people come on the show and our characters won't see eye-to-eye, but then we really hit it off on a personal level.“I could be a grandmother on the show.” Or was it a joke?


", it's "How do we tell this story in a way that is authentic and can make people connect with that sense of a family unit being loving and supporting?So maybe it's about the people too, not just the stories.: When Amber started her magazine and her clothing line and jewelry, she just stepped up.It was really inspiring to see her taking the next step on her own, with nobody telling her to do it. : Graham has always been really good at grounding me in scenes.

When I can't quite figure out the motivation for a certain scene or I don't quite understand it, he's really good at helping me step back and look at the picture and think about where these characters are going.

We’re out in the wilderness and you can just take a walk and take a breather with nature.


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