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There is a sense of nostalgia that accompanies any new viewing of this one-of-a-kind Victorian pageant. He painstakingly produced authentic looking packages in which to wrap his vision -- embellished by the "glitz" of what was, then, the "ideal" Hollywood portrait: Bluer than blue skies; shimmering, jewel-encrusted costumes; out-sized architecture; dramatically convenient thunderbolts; and perfectly lovely female leads, with make-up invariably and predictably un-smudged. more a reverence for time-honored principles than the analytical, ironic, and questioning approach dominant in the films of today. expect, as well, that it will be punctuated with the obligatory mandates of political correctness; an uncertainty about its message; and a healthy dose of Twenty-First Century cynicism.For many, I'm sure, the nostalgia extends beyond the film itself. there were virtues too, many reflected in the writing and performances of "The Ten Commandments": Virtues like courage, strength of character, personal honor, and endurance were paramount (no pun intended). De Mille gave his audience what they expected from an "A" picture. His idea was to reinforce values he'd learned from his parents and his brother (a noted playwright) in a dramatic format which could be "felt" by young and old, alike . There was in the 50's and the 40's a more amicable attitude toward "orthodoxy" -- in all its forms. It will be more "realistic" to be sure, but far less "authentic" -- like a perfume ad, physically attractive, but without a "heart".For some, those of us in their 50's or older, it represents the end of an era: Some call it "The Golden Age of Hollywood"; the beginning of the end of the studio system; and the end of a period in which the real founders of the "public art" took, or began to take, their final bows -- De Mille, Zukor, Goldwyn, Selznick, and others.For those of us who saw "The Ten Commandments" on the big screen and in one of the now extinct gilded movie palaces of yesteryear, the picture holds special memories.See more » At the end of the opening credits, we see a credit which begins; "Those who see this film - PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY CECIL B. and continues in the same style and finishing with: "Based on the writings of (J. Ingraham) and THE HOLY SCRIPTURES" See more » The Prologue and intermission music have been included in the 2004 DVD release.These are taken out on all network TV showings to cut down the length.If you accept a sum of money or utilities to complete a task, and then flop, you’ll find yourself in hot water.In the crack game, that may cost you your life; in a business sense, you may too find yourself “in a hole” you can’t dig yourself out of, financially.

See more » "The Ten Commandments" is a milestone film.Although you might not have any sneaky intentions, be careful, as it may create the appearance that you do.



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